Another tasty morsel



my daughter’s in the grip of a ghastly ghoul
which cannot be constrained by the laws of the land
it grows fat on the flesh of those poor lost fools
who have staggered onto its chemical hand
once it has grasped them it won’t let go
it consumes the flesh and it addles the head
and fear and conspiracies enter the soul –
they all end up crazy and some end up dead

and while self-seeking governments ignore our young
in their bid to find excuses to starve the poor
the outlawed crystal lewdly wags its tongue
grins at its victims then squeezes some more
with feline cheek he plays with my offspring
he stretches her tether then he sets her free
but within his reach, confidently offering
another tasty morsel, dispite the guarantee
that the next fix will bring more devastation
she’ll be stalked and abused by invisible foes
her madness will drive her into isolation
she ignores the inner warning
and she takes


Written May 2015

©Jane Paterson Basil

Author: janebasilblog

Jane sits around and writes a bit, then she does some other stuff, then she sits around and writes a bit more, then she eats something. Sometimes, at night, she goes to bed.

33 thoughts on “Another tasty morsel”

    1. Sorry – I only found your comment today – it was in my spam folder. I don’t know what’s going on with the WP spam bots. It’s driving me crazy – my comments are always getting shoved in bloggers’ spam folders.

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      1. Nothing ever goes quite to plan, but we had a lovely family evening, with a lot of laughter. My niece and I made tentative plans to return to Wild Boar Wood for a holiday. As previous wardens of the site, we don’t have to pay for our stay. 🙂


    1. If he has admitted to his adiction, a part of him wants to be well again. We can only pray that his desire to be clean swells to the point where it takes up more space than his need for the drug.
      Meanwhile I hope your friend is doing her utmost to enjoy her life, in spite of unsolved difficulties.
      I would like her to know that somewhere in the UK, in a flat in a town a few miles from the Atlantic Ocean, a little woman is looking in a westerly direction – towards the US – at the sky, and sending her love and best wishes.

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      1. Ok – Australia. Here is a link to the list of Families Anonymous groups in Australia:
        I can’t guarantee that it is up to date. FA exists to help the families of addicts to find a better life for themselves. It also helps them to come to terms with their inability to “cure” the addict. This often puts off prospective members, who hope we can give them a magic cure, but I strongly recommend that she gives the meetings a chance.

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    1. Thank you Raili. The poems I am currently posting were all written last year, but the situation hasn’t improved. In some ways it’s worse, but at least I’m pretty much resigned to the loss of my daughter xx

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      1. I read a few years back that men up to twenty five often don’t understand cause and effect, because their brains are immature – this is obviously the reason for it.
        So sad, in this modern world where there are such opportunities to make – so many evil temptations. By the time maturity is reached, young lives are often ruined, or over.

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      2. I’ve just come across another blogger through photo101 who writes about grief and addiction. Gaver her a link to your addiction site. I think it was debs blog. DIdn’t copy the link.

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