You know it’s a disease
but you treat it like a crime;
you hurl them into prison
and you make them do their time.
You never care to help them,
you just draw a broken line,
and drop them on the street again
pretending they’ll be fine.

The jails are full to bursting
with those you call convicts
but most of them are nothing more
than desperate drug addicts.
They’re not hardened criminals,
but people who are sick.
They don’t wish to harm you,
they just need another fix.

So treat it as an illness,
please try to understand
a pandemic of addiction
is raging through the land.
You politicians know the truth
but will not lend a hand;
how can we hope to help these folk
while this disease is banned?

©Jane Paterson Basil


Author: janebasilblog

Jane sits around and writes a bit, then she does some other stuff, then she sits around and writes a bit more, then she eats something. Sometimes, at night, she goes to bed.

4 thoughts on “Banned”

    1. My cure would be a bit extreme for most people. It would involve me taking all broken souls to a distant, fertile island, and us all working hard to maintain a good life for ourselves where we would live off the the land, and heal each other with love.
      The stresses of modern life are unnatural. It’s too hard for many people, but they don’t know it. They think they need it.
      So the alternative would seem to be a system of government whose main concern is the joy of the people.
      Meanwhile I’ll continue to be free with the band aid.


  1. The unfortunate truth is we COULD fix this if the governments didn’t get their own kickbacks from the sales. I firmly believe that’s what’s at play in this equation. Just like Utah has the strictest alcohol laws in the states and people (like conferences and stuff) are opting out of coming here to do their gathers. But by crimminey Utah is making a killing of their private liquor stores!

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