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I have a son and a daughter who are heroin addicts. My son is in recovery, while my daughter currently has no intention of getting clean. I suspect she is permanently brain-damaged from the legal highs she uses to supplement her habit.

This is where I share poems and stories about my experiences with these two children.  I shout about addiction, and try to encourage others in similar situations to do the same. We may not have many tools with which to smash this terrible condition, but we can make the most of what few we have. The more we talk about our experiences, the more likely we are to turn vulnerable people away from that precipitous path – a path which destroys not only the victim’s quality of life, but that of those who love him.

This blog is dedicated to those loved ones. I invite you to share your stories in my comment box. Talk about it. Share all of those feelings of fear, failure, anger and loss. Who knows? By doing so, perhaps you will feel less alone, less helpless – and others may read your words, and realise that they, too, are not alone.


4 thoughts on “About”

  1. You’ve reminded me of the immense strength and ferocity of the love for addicts. How much worse is the pain for you ,who love them, than for the addicts themselves, who can escape their demons if only for a whole?
    As a recovering addict, I am grateful for your bravery.

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    1. Thank you. It works both ways. As the mother of two addicts I am grateful for your recovery, and for the honesty of your blog. which goes straight to the heart of the problem and offers some excellent advice. Due to a technical fault I’m currently unable to post messages on blogs, so the only way I can converse is through responses to my posts.
      That poem by Lucifer’s Feathers sent shivers through me. It sounds so like my daughter.

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      1. Thank you for your reply. I have children, myself, and I know it’s possible for one or both to go down that road. Hopefully we will both be helpful to the addict and their loved ones. ❤

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